With the medical knowledge of today, it has become the most natural thing in the world to have plastic interventions performed. One of the most popular forms of plastic surgery is breast correction. This usually involves a breast augmentation.


The reason why someone wants to have a breast correction can differ. Some women are not satisfied with the size of their breasts and therefore go to the plastic surgeon. But there are also women who, for medical reasons, have a breast correction, for example when there is (has been) breast cancer and one of the breasts is removed.

Breast correction

A breast correction is not the same as a breast augmentation. The term says it all; a breast correction is about correcting the breasts. This can have various reasons, as discussed above. A breast correction involves, among other things, breast augmentation, breast reduction or the prevention of hanging breasts.

Breast augmentation

This is the most common form of breast corrections. The choice for a breast augmentation means that a woman wants to enlarge her breasts. This can happen in different ways – including even massage techniques or swallowing certain (hormone) pills. The most common way is through silicone prostheses. During breast augmentation, a prosthesis is placed in the body, which is made up of silicone or saline, via a cut under the breast or the armpit. Once these silicones are in place, the breast needs time to get used to the prosthesis. If there is still a desire to enlarge the breasts again later, it is often a question of topping up the silicone or saline solution.

Hanging breasts

When a woman suffers from drooping breasts, she can use the breast lift. This is a method to get hanging breasts in a good shape again.

Breast reconstruction

When a breast is amputated – which sometimes wants to occur when a woman has (had) breast cancer – she can switch to breast reconstruction. As the word says, the breast is reconstructed. Normally the chest skin is first stretched, and then the skin is filled with a prosthesis. This operation is therefore much like that of the breast augmentation.


Contrary to what many people think, breast enlargements, breast reconstruction and breast reduction are also carried out for medical reasons and do not only result from dissatisfaction. There are several methods that are used to make the breasts back to size. With the current knowledge and technologies, there will undoubtedly be other ways to look at this.

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