Detox cure: Worthless or Wonders Rinse?

Quickly fit again by resetting your body with a simple detox juice cure? Many health freaks seem to try it; detoxify the body by means of fruit and vegetable juices -detox stands for detoxification. Drinking pure juice for a whole week (or longer) would help suckle your weight off and flush out all toxins from your body. However, the question is: do detox cures really work so well?

Organ, you are fired

It sounds wonderful: giving your body a good clean-up. “Get the sweeper through.” But scientifically proven effective it is not (yet) [1] . Is detoxification really necessary? Are we so full of wrong substances? If you eat, move and go to the bathroom every day, there can not be that much going on, you might think. And if you occasionally smuggle a candy or fries in, do not you have to drink ten days of juice to make up for it? Sander Kersten, professor of Nutrition, even calls it “nonsense” that you lose all sorts of toxic substances with juices [2] .

The body is designed to keep everything in balance, provided that you contribute to it yourself. This self-correcting process is also called homeostasis . You do not get a fever for nothing if you are sick by a bacterium. Your body is then hard at work to work it out. A body has been made for this. Why else do we have kidneys, a liver and a large intestine? They have certain functions. If you tap a bottle of vodka every day, those organs are well fed in the long run. So: take care of them. You have to take care of your body, but you should not deprive your organs of work.

Health risks

Besides the fact that you give your organs unnecessary rest, ‘detoxing’ brings risks. Usually people who start with a detox have a light feeling in the head during the first few days. That is not so strange, because by replacing your daily diet completely with fruit juice and water, you lower your energy balance so that your body can not handle this blow so well. A long-term negative energy balance (too few calories) can cause health problems. Especially for sensitive bodies such as pregnant women, children, the elderly or people with a chronic illness or not. Moreover, the Nutrition Center states that you can even get too few vitamins by avoiding many foods. If you use medicines, they may be absorbed worse by a detox treatment. So be careful!

Detox as a waste plan

A detox cure is a well-known means of quickly losing some kilos. Because you get a lot less calories, it makes sense that you quickly lose some kilos. Often during a cure the calorie intake is reduced by more than half. Where your daily intake first was between 2000-2500 kcal, you now receive just 800 calories per day. And everyone knows that if you eat fewer calories than you consume, you will lose weight. If you have completed your detox week, and you have survived the headaches, the hunger and the light feeling, and you finally took the promised energy boost in the end, you are finally detoxified. And then? Then you just eat again. Of course, after such a week, you are just a bit more aware of your food. Just after you have completed a detox cure, comes the critical period of maintenance of weight loss. In this period it comes down to discipline and a healthy diet without excessive calorie consumption. Only if you can drastically adjust the diet and can maintain this will you lose weight successfully.


Of course detox also has a few benefits. When you start detoxing, you are very aware of your diet. You are encouraged to drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. In addition, intake of ‘clean food’ ensures that you eat less processed, fatty or salty foods. The Nutrition Center indicates that the detox diet should be more focused on making the right choices than on reducing the number of calories. So a detox cure is not just negative!

So: whether or not to detox?

The detoxifying effect of a detox cure has never been scientifically proven. If you still want to ‘detox’, do so preferably under the treatment of a dietitian. Weight loss by exercises and diet is always healthy and successful.

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