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Brazilian Papayas: healthfulness and flavor every day.

  • The Brazilian papaya is a typical fruit from tropical and subtropical areas. Grown year-round, its pulp is soft and very aromatic, with colors ranging from orange to salmon, depending on the degree of ripeness. The skin is normally thin, smooth and fairly tough, sticking to the pulp and with a dark-green color that turns orange-yellow as the fruit ripens.
  • Brazil is the largest grower and exporter of papayas; the largest plantations are in the state of Espírito Santo and in the northeastern area of the country.
  • The climate of these regions makes it possible to produce, pick and offer the consumer papayas year-round . The constant sun and modern planting techniques (conserving the environment by employing extremely low levels of agricultural chemicals) make it possible to offer high quality, healthful fruit.
  • With their exclusive, delicate and refreshing flavor, Brazilian papayas are an excellent day-to-day alternative, both in their natural state, as a dessert, or in the form of an exotic papaya cream, for example. There is nothing tastier and healthier.
  • Easy to sample, the papaya should be cut in the middle and its seeds thrown out (its skin and seeds are not edible). The papaya should be eaten with a spoon in its natural state. Try adding a few drops of Brazilian lime juice and surprise yourself.
  • Papayas can also be consumed in the form of puddings, mousses, ice-creams and juices – made with papayas alone, or combining then with other fruit, such as oranges. Try them.
  • Healthy, low in calories and a rich source of vitamins, calcium and phosphorus, the papaya is one of the most easily digested fruits.
  • Their flavor, aroma and institutional qualities cause Brazilian papayas to be increasingly preferred by consumers from the Northern
  • Hemisphere.
  • Adopt Brazilian papayas as part of your daily dietary habits and give yourself health and pleasure combined.
    You can find our papayas in your country from January to December and in Brazil as well, where we would be very happy to welcome you.