It is obvious: the modern man is more and more busy with his looks! Where this leads to? More styled hairstyles, various tight forms of facial hair and fashionable outfits in the streets. Is male Netherlands ready to try to epilate the eyebrows? We give you indispensable tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts!

Eye Catchers

For men, disfiguring hairs can be just as annoying as for women, because your eyebrows are the eyecatchers of your face. They determine your expression and reflect your emotion. It is therefore important not to remove too much. In the first instance, limit yourself to removing the hairs between your eyebrows and above your nose. In any case, never remove the hairs at the top of your eyebrows as this will cause the male features to disappear from your face. Keep a natural model at all times, you obviously do not want to walk around with a surprised look.

Eyebrows For Men

Tips for Epilation

Put a pencil along your nostril straight up to the point of the eyebrow. You do this on both sides. If hairs grow on the nose root in this area, these are the hairs that must be removed.
Rub before you start with an ice cube over your eyebrow, the cold temporarily numb the sensitive skin. You can also shower first so your hairs become softer
Pull the skin where you are going to epilate tightly.
Remove the hairs one by one and always take it easy. You do not want open spots or wounds.
Are the hairs of your eyebrows only too long? Then make an old toothbrush moist and comb the hair of the eyebrow down. Now you can cut off the excellent hair a bit.
Always use tweezers! If necessary, pick up your partner’s tweezers (it’s best to ‘borrow’ your razor blade after all the times). Never use a razor blade or shaver in any case.
Always remove hairs in the growth direction.


Remember: over-epilation is not done. You have to make sure that the result does not look plucked-and therefore looks too feminine.
What you especially should not do is complain about pain against your partner. Remember that she does this very often. Even in much more sensitive places! Be a man, gather good courage, grab the tweezers and off you go! Did you survive? Treat yourself especially to a cold beer!

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